Shawnees’ Westside  Pizza is family owned and operated. We are independent and have no plans to franchise. Westside buys locally when available. We are as active in the community as possible and like to think of our customers as friends, family, and neighbors. Although Westside serves beer and wine, we are not a bar, we are a place for the whole family or neighborhood to get together.    And when you think of things like pizza, pastas, wings, and subs you might not think as them being so healthy; at Westside it is important to us that we are providing the best quality of food at the most reasonable price.  We strive to continue in our efforts to “up-process” the processed foods in which we as a society have become so accustomed to.  We look towards a future of fresh items versus processed. No additives, preservatives, fillers, and such. This soon became our mission statement.  
So in line with that; Westside has worked extremely hard over the past several months on our menu, and will continue to do so. Items such as our dough, pizza sauce, and veggies have always been made or cut fresh daily. We have taken a step further.   We now offer a vast majority of our salad dressings and sauces such as our Garlic Alfredo or Mediterranean Pesto, our sausage, seasoned ground beef, taco meat, chili, soups, salsa, &  grilled chickens, are being made fresh on a daily bases. We are proud to serve FRESH NEVER FROZEN meats, with things like our regular bone in chicken wings, chicken breasts, our ground beef, steaks, burgers, sausage, roasts, pork, and so on.  We are oven roasting our turkeys, and carving them for our turkey subs, and slow roasting and then hand pulling our bbq pulled pork.  We hand batter our fried chicken.
We make all of our pastas to order. We make our chips for our chips and salsa and/or nacho plates to order.  We have replaced some of the ordinary list of appetizers with fresh ideas like our homemade salsa,  stuffed mushrooms, or firecrackers.  And we will continue to do so. All of this because we just believe it to be better!                          
   Make Westside your choice. We have made you ours!


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